Click-Up Plus

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This small tool, so innovative and ingenious, marks a new era in the vast world of belay devices. The Click Up Plus operates without the need to act on levers and moving parts. In the event of a climber fall, the rope is blocked by the HMS belay biner. 

CLICK UP + is an innovative belay device with manual assisted-braking, designed for indoor and crag climbing. It can be used with 8.5-11mm single ropes. The CLICK UP + is compact and lightweight. Allows for the belayer to keep both hands on the rope while belaying or lowering the climber. The V-Proof System (patent pending) reduces the chance of error due to an incorrect handling of the rope when braking. CLICK UP + is supplied, and must be used together, with the specific HMS carabiner CONCEPT SGL HC. The wear-resistant anodizing and ACL system of the carabiners prevents the possibility of minor-axis cross-loading.


  • Weight: 110 grams
  • Rope diameter range: 8.5mm - 11mm
  • CE and UIAA Certified EN15151-2:2012 type 2