Carabiners – Steel

ACCT® Equipment Standards
Chapter 1 - Section F2

"Carabiners, snap hooks, and rapid links that support individuals shall have a minimum breaking strength of 5,000 lbf (22.2 kN*) and a locking gate. On traversing elements, steel carabiners, rapid links, or snap links for belay rope shall be used when direct contact is made on wire rope."

"*Although the accurate conversion of 5,000 lbf to the SI system is 22.2 kN, it is important to acknowledge that manufacturers of many pieces of equipment publish a rounded-off strength rating of 22 kN when the strength is actually 5,000 lbf or the equipment was originally designed under the SI system (where 22 kN may have been the specified strength). In any case, ACCT considers a published rating of 22 kN to be equivalent to and complying with the 5,000 lbf strength standard."