Rope – Accessories

ACCT® Equipment Standards
Chapter 1 - Section F7

"Characteristics of the rope or cordage shall be appropriate for the intended use and operation of the element with the design of the activity and compatibly with the belay device. Diameter and strength of the rope shall be selected based on the compatibility of component parts and shall meet the design factor requirement. Both low stretch and dynamic rope of kernmantle construction are acceptable for most dynamic/top rope belayed elements. Where there is little or not other energy absorption inherent in the belay system, dynamic rope shall be used to reduce the lead generated in diving/leaping activities. High modulus fibers (such as Spectra, Kevlar, Vectran) with low minimum elongation may break when subjected to shock loading and should therefore be used judiciously in application where shock loading is possible.

Rope used as part of a primary lifeline in a belay system or zip line shall be specifically designed for Life Safety use. Dynamic rope shall meet UIAA 101 or EN 892 or be approved by the manufacturer for belaying a single person. Low stretch and static rope shall meet one or more of the following standards: UIAA 107, NFPA 1983 (06 ED) light use, EN 1891 (Type A), or CI 1801-07. Webbing shall have a minimum breaking strength of at least 4,000 lbf (17.5 kN). Accessory cord intended for use in a person protection system but not as a primary mainline shall meet UIAA 102 or EN 564, or CI1803-03, be compatible with other items in the system, and shall meet the design factor requirements."